No Air No Land No Sea

Digital Art by Ray Noland

101 colorful, non-pictorial, abstract shapes, textures & lines called Realms. Each employing the same elements but all completely unique. NFT owners are invited to a cosmic world of metamorphosis. 

Hello, my name is Realm. I am here to take you away. I come in many colors but I am always Realm.

How it works!

As this project develops, I want to continue to listen to the community. In this light, owner benefits have been updated.

Buy a Realm on OpenSea. All digital asset owners receive access to a private merchandise shop. Your shop will be set-up after your purchase.

Buyer Benefits

Access to Future Projects Pre-sale 

Access to Private Merchandise Shop

Handmade Epoxy Resin Art Block

Rights to Use, Copy & Display

Exclusive Shop

Access to a Private Merchandise Shop

Owners can purchase a variety of products imprinted with their very own NFT. Only the NFT owner has access to their shop. Any merchandise purchased during ownership remains with buyer.

Art Block

Handmade by Ray Noland
Some rare Realms include an Art block or 'hard asset'. Price varies based on details of the art block. Hard asset is a property of the digital asset and must be transferred upon secondary sale.

NFT Owner Exclusive Merchandise Shop


Updated: May 19 2022

My background is in art, design and DIY. I’m not a programmer or developer but I can implement basic code and open-source applications. I'm the sole person working on this project. It simply began as a way to learn more about the process of making a smart contract. As it develops, I’ve realized how this method could influence how brands provide IRL value and unique, exclusive apparel or products to owners of their NFT.    

Currently, I'm waiting for the markets to recover while developing upcoming IRL experiences to help educate artists and new potential collectors about the NFT space and building community.

Realm Art Block

Some rare Realms include a handmade Epoxy Resin Art block or hard asset property. 

Handmade Epoxy Art Block


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Polygon?

Polygon is an alternative to Ethereum and can process transactions faster with fewer mint gas fees. Keep in mind, there are associated gas fees to swap Ethereum for Polygon.

How do I buy Polygon and use it to buy the NFT?

You will need to download and install MetaMask wallet. You will also need to swap Ethereum for Polygon. Here's a good how-to video.

What are my usage rights?
Intellectual property rights subsisting in any 'art, design, and drawings' associated with a 'Realm' NFT is owned by Ray Noland. However, the owner of a 'Realm' NFT is entitled to a “worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use, copy, and display” the underlying 'Realm' NFT art for limited purposes. 

Is it safe to buy an NFT?
As with anything, there may be scammers looking to take advantage. Please watch this video about MetaMask security. I strongly suggest buying an authentic Ledger Nano S Plus hardware wallet. This is the safest way to store your crypto and NFTs.

Why No Discord?
I want to protect this project and my buyers as much as I can. I've read about enough Discord hacks to lose confidence in the service. 

How did you create your Smart Contract?

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