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Run, Blago, Run

Political Art Campaign 

Rod Blagojevich, ex-governor of the state of Illinois was indicted in Dec 2008. Upon his impeachment he began a national media blitz protesting his innocence. Artist Ray Noland, aka CRO also began a propaganda blitz of his own called Run, Blago, Run chronicling the circus leading up to Blago's corruption trial and to hold a mirror up to our current political leadership. RBR documents and highlights the life of anti-hero Rod 'Blago' Blagojevich from indictment to his subsequent hung jury.  

Original Blago reference

Rod Blagojevic jogging near his Ravenswood Manor home. Everyone in Chicago was familiar with seeing the ex-governor in his black tracksuit running in the middle of winter. 

Bedsheet Blago

"...All that dirt we try to sweep into the sewer? Noland has a knack for making it graphic, funny and public. - the most democratic art there is, visible to everyone."
Chicago Magazine


Edited by Rebecca Berdel

Participating artists
Mireya Acierto, Lauri Apple, Diederick Kraaijeveld, Ish Muhammad, Ray Noland, Brian O'Dell, Amanda Rivkin, Nino "tselone" Rodriguez, Dana Stewart, Lashun F. Tines & Jeff Zimmerman 

Music provided by
Solson, DIZ

Trump commutes sentence of former Ill. Gov. Rod Blagojevich after 8 years.

February 18, 2020