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Solo Shows

Pork & Politics: Stuff It! Chicago Style - Chicago Urban Art Society (CUAS) in association
with the Chicago Loop Alliance's Pop-Up Loop Initiative Presents

Pork & Politics - Stuff It! Chicago Style is a group art show tribute to two of Chicago's favorite institutions — Politics and the Hot Dog. Inspired by the quote, "Laws are like sausages. It's better not to see them being made." The American hot dog stand has been a communal nexus since the beginning of the century. A place where everyday people come together. Recently in a Rahm Emanuel official statement he is quoted saying he wanted to reach out to people at L stops and hot-dog stands. What politician doesn't love to glad-hand with a juicy red-hot? Artists were invited to envision politicians enjoying a tasty treat, taking visual inspiration from Chicago's rich vienna sausage history. The menu includes the full roster of upcoming Chicago Mayoral candidates including, Emanuel, Chico, Meeks, Braun, Hendon and Davis. Also includes favorites like Blago, Barack Obama and Richard M. Daley. On display are works on paper, wood, canvas, limited edition screen-prints. 

Guest Artists include: 

Hebru Brantley, Peter Cuba, Don't Fret, Dan Lacey, Julia Haw, SOLO, Lashun F. Tines, TNOP & Zissou Tasseff-Elenkoff