Self-published online magazine

In 2004, before the rise of online magazines I founded BLACKLIST® Magazine highlighting 'Under the Radar Operators' in Art, Design and Music. The initial issues were designed and edited by me and comprised of talented friends and associates. Over a nine issue duration I enlisted guest writers and contributors from throughout the U.S. and published interviews with some of the most talented figures in the scene. 

The magazine charterized itself with bold, graphic, colorful design.

It was also known for releasing exclusice FREE MP3s and custom font downloads. At the time, it was the only publication of its kind - employing the ability to resemble a print magazine yet supply additional downloadable media ensuring a more well-rounded experience. The last issue was published in the fall of 2006. 

Issue #1

First issue published June 2004 featuring Osunlade,
Mireya Acierto, Nyame Brown, FIVE73 and others.